The Stretch Studio

going beyond, testing limits, reaching potential


The purpose of the stretch studio is to provide thought provoking workshops for educators wanting to reach as far as possible in their practice.  We know the best teachers are life-long learners, the stretch studio will play to this strength and encourage teachers to take smart risks and try new experiments in the classroom.

What it gets you

…teachers realizing their full potential

…new energy around impacting student success

…creative confidence to test new ideas

When & Where?  Planned in-service days are a likely option to engage in a particular workshop.  Late arrivals and early releases could also be an option.  Something to keep an eye on is doing something over the new “power hour” time in our High Schools.  The majority of the workshops will be hosted by the caps accelerator or other environments conducive for small group collaboration and hands-on activities.

Key Elements of a successful workshop:

  1. Take a risk – do something out of the ordinary
  2. Change the environment – look for inspiring spaces that shift normal thinking
  3. Engage an expert – invite a professional from industry to share their take
  4. Get moving – think micro-lesson followed by experimentation of ideas
  5. Extend the experience – engage in prior home-work and future follow-up

Sample Workshops

Lesson Sketching (50min)

During this short workshop, teachers will create new classroom experiences from white space thinking…where unmet and unarticulated needs are discovered.  Leave your lesson plan book and laptop at home as we will be picking up white board markers and sharpies to design our lessons.

Design a Project (90 min)

This particular workshop is targeted towards educators looking to create an engaging project that enhances the learning objectives of a unit. Participants will be taken through a Design Thinking crash course resulting in new project ideas for class.

Creative Confidence (1/2 day)

During this 3-part series, teachers will be guided through the discovery of their inner genius, develop an understanding of gravity holding them back, and generate new confidence to create in the classroom.