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A Transformational Project for Engineering Students

CAPS has the good fortune to work each semester with Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes. The 501(c)(3) provides any child with special needs equipment a unique and custom-built costume, free of charge to the family. This semester we had the pleasure of working with 5 year-old, Helayna Rock. She wanted to be her favorite Sesame Street character, Abby Cadabby. Our group went to the drawing board and started to brainstorm. Many ideas were discussed, but we wanted to make sure that the costume would meet Heleyna’s needs and also be easy to use by her mother. Once the costume design was finalized, we began work. Throughout this semester, we were able to complete the costume for Helayna with ups and downs, but once it was completed it left us beaming with happiness. This costume contained adjustable light up wings, tutu with butterfly lights, and custom-made Sesame Street sign.

We presented the costume at Planet Comicon where we appeared on-stage to tell the story of our project. This was our first time seeing the costume on her wheelchair which was both exciting and gratifying. Seeing the joy in Helayna and her family’s faces, left us to do nothing else but smile. We are excited that she will use her costume during her kindergarten Halloween party. Mrs. Rock explained how ecstatic she is for her child to be able to experience having a costume designed around her wheelchair and needs. For our group this was more than just a project. This was an experience to bond with a child and her family.