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affan ahmad

Affan Ahmad is a CAPS alumnus and a 2014 graduate of Blue Valley High School. Affan participated in the Foundations of Medicine program for three semesters beginning in Fall 2012. He is currently attending the School of Medicine at the University of Missouri-Kanas City. The program is an accelerated, dual-degree program which takes students straight from high school and immerses them in an integrated curriculum consisting of liberal arts, basic sciences and clinical medicine.

When asked if his CAPS’ experiences helped him understand what he wanted to pursue in college Affan said,” I already knew what I wanted to do. CAPS prepared me for medical school and gave me a background of knowledge that I still fall back on today. It taught me valuable clinical skills that we are just using and some clinical skills I will not learn until residency.”

Reflecting on how CAPS prepared him for the joint B.A./M.D. program Affan said, “Commuting to CAPS, managing my own schedule, self-paced projects and study and being responsible was all a big part of the Foundations of Medicine II and III.” Affan was part of the first group that had all three phases of Foundations of Medicine so they were making their own curriculum.

When asked about his biggest take-away from his CAPS experience Affan cited the clinical skills. Those skills are foundational to basic medical practice. The skills are so important that even now he is tested on them 2-3 times a semester.