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Bayer Animal Health: A strategic partnership

In the 2013-14 school year, Kelley Tuel began planning the new CAPS Veterinary Medicine class.Bayer Animal Health provided a pivotal voice in the curriculum development process. Bayer’s involvement did not stop there. Since the Vet Med course introduction in fall 2014, Bayer has provided technical experts, hosted site visits, presented project challenges for students and for the past 4 years, provided $10,000 annually to support student learning.

Bayer financial support initially focused solely on the Vet Med program. The underwriting was a critical piece in the program launch. This year, Bayer expanded their support, both financial and the gift of time, to benefit students CAPS-wide. A recent activity was a CAPS-wide career day, with Bayer associates representing IT, account management, microbiology, content & digital marketing, communications, human resources, pharmacovigilance, product support, production & manufacturing, research & development, global market research, technical services, and consumer ideation & innovation came to CAPS.  Students across the CAPS strands interacted with the Bayer professionals, learned about career paths, and were introduced to the dynamic world of animal health.  Partnerships like Bayer are what make CAPS great!