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brady simmons

Brady Simmons was an early adopter of the CAPS program, participating in the program from Fall 2011 through Spring 2013. Brady credits CAPS with starting his entrepreneurial journey, starting with early professional immersion. While at CAPS he had the opportunity to work on projects with Sprint, CST Industries and LearnTech among others.

At CAPS Brady was encouraged to follow his passions. After graduating in 2013, he formed a partnership with his CAPS client, CST Industries. With this partnership, he built a fuel program and supply storage solutions to the oil and gas industry. Even with the profitability inherent in the industry, Brady wasn’t feeling passionate about the work, so he set out to find that passion.

Brady began to provide consulting and strategy support to Dewsly, as ed-tech company in Kansas City. While working with the Dewsly team, Brady saw the impact the platform had on communities by connecting families around education. This concept aligned well with his passion. As Brady continued to work with Dewsly, he got more and more excited about the opportunity to connect families, so in February 2015 he decided to buy the company. He structured a new company with two partners and the new company acquired Dewsly.

When Brady looks at where he is today, it is easy to see and feel CAPS’ fingerprints all over the success. “CAPS gave me the opportunity to jump start my entrepreneurial journey at an early age. It started with professional immersion,” Brady said. “In closing CAPS showed me to plan for tomorrow and not today. Every decision or step I take today, will give me a much higher chance for a successful tomorrow. As result of my decision to join CAPS, along with the tools and motivation I have received, I am living my “tomorrow” at age 20, instead of 45!”