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CAPS launches cohorts for returning students

Student exit surveys repeatedly identify strong interest in cross-discipline connections. We listened to what students were telling us and in response  launched CAPS Cohorts. Participation in the cohort experience is voluntary and provides an opportunity for 3rd and 4th semester CAPS students to work in multidisciplinary teams and focus on broad challenges / opportunities that are of importance at a global and local level. The reason this experience is available only to students who have been with at CAPS for at least two previous semesters (not just necessarily in the same course) is that these individuals have likely developed and honed their skills as young professionals and are seeking additional opportunities as they continue to grow in the CAPS program. 

Using the Global Citizen goals as a starting point, students identified the specific topics that will be the focus of their work and formed teams according to common interest. Time has been built into the semester for teams to meet and make progress. Cohort work product will be unveiled at the 2019 CAPS Innovation Celebration.