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CAPS Teacher Ed – A new approach to a time-honored profession

Students in the CAPS Teacher Education program are able to work with teachers and education organizations to learn about careers in the field of education, including classroom instruction, corporate training, mentoring and coaching, and instructional design.  Besides working in classrooms, students work on projects both internally and with other CAPS strands.

Students recently presented “Relationships, Technology, and Mental Health:  A student-focused conversation” at the Greenbush Regional Technology Conference, led a concurrent session at the KS Eastern Regional Educators Conference, and presented to State Board of Education members and legislators at Citizen’s Day in Topeka.

Teacher Education students’ reflections sum up their experiences:

This week and we watch the video with the teacher, Rita Pierson.  I learned how to be a better teacher because she was very enthusiastic…and she said how it is important to apologize to people even when we mess up as an adult. She also taught me life that humor and interacting with the students is important. ~ Maggie Nuss

I learned about the learning theory of constructivism and Jean Piaget.  I also learned about Seymour Papert and constructionism and how important it is to create visuals for students to help them learn. ~ Hannah Spencer