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Charting a course in healthcare

Sports Medicine offers students an in-depth look into the world of athletic medicine and healthcare, learning anatomy and physiology while having real world, healthcare experiences and simulations. CAPS Sports Medicine program has enriched my life by allowing me to have hands-on experiences.

When I signed up for the course I did not know what to expect, but I quickly realized the environment and curriculum is perfect for any student with an interest in the field of healthcare. It provides all students a chance to engage with mentors, patients, and practitioners while training students to have multiple healthcare certifications and teaching students college level medical curriculum.

It has made me more professional, in both a healthcare and corporate setting. It has exposed me to medical systems and tactics.  I am grateful to the program for integrating me into the field. In addition, I think that this program offers multiple paths for medicine students: athletic medicine and clinical practice. The combination is important because it creates a balanced, diverse, and informative program tailored to each individual student. It gives students an enhanced high school experience, coupling curriculum with activity.

Without the program, I would have had difficulty deciding my potential college major, now I plan on attending the University of Kansas so I pursue a career in healthcare. The CAPS teaching staff is passionate and involved in each student’s path, creating a warm, inviting environment. I am so excited to see where CAPS goes and what leaders and thinkers it produces. I am confident that the program will continue influencing me—and other students—in many ways long after it ends.

~Mallory Peterman, Sports Medicine student