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future of food

at the intersection of business, science and food.

Future of Food is a hands-on class placing students at the intersection of business, science and food. Special emphasis is placed on sustainability, preparing students to meet impending food challenges faced by a rapidly-growing population. In the culminating course experience, students develop a new food product in the CAPS Test Kitchen, write a business plan for its implementation and pitch it at the CAPS Shark Tank.

During the semester, Future of Food students will visit and establish ongoing relationships with a wide array of food-based entities - from retailers to research labs to farmers’ fields. Throughout the course, students are mentored by professionals from all facets of the food industry. These connections are tailored to students’ specific interests (science, business, nutrition, production, etc.). As well, CAPS partners with the World Food Prize creating additional unique opportunities for students. Returning students have gone on to internships at university labs and businesses and many graduates are enrolled in postsecondary food science programs.

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