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experience the intersection of biology and technology through hands-on activities and projects.

The Bioscience program provides students who have a passion for contemporary biology experiences to learn through observations of the sources of biological knowledge, the molecules, cells, organisms, and environments each inhabit. Our unique schedule frees us from traditional constraints allowing us time for inquiry and project based learning. Similarly, through regular in-class interactions with academic and business experts and field trips to their home institutions, students will begin their journey in becoming members of the local and broader scientific community.

The program is offered in three laboratory spaces housing authentic laboratory equipment and technology. Two of the laboratories are teaching spaces for the junior level course offerings. The remaining laboratory is for senior level student research and as a home base for students participating in academic or business internships.

The Bioscience program highlights the renaissance occurring in the Biosciences and will prepare participating students for becoming an integral component of these times of change. Read about several of our CAPS Bioscience students' research and experiences. Biosciences courses include Molecular Medicine and Bioengineering, Environmental Science, Bioscience Research and Veterinary Medicine.

Academic References:
The following academic references support the kind of educational experience we promote at CAPS:

Click here to view the biographies of the Bioscience instructors.

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    Blue Valley - CAPS @BVCAPS Oct 21
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