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veterinary medicine

explore the array of animal health careers explored through hands-on projects, site visits and mentorships.

Veterinary Medicine focuses on well-rounded student exposure and experiences with animal health professionals. Topics that will be explored through hands-on projects, site visits and mentorship opportunities include small/large animal practices, exotic and zoo medicine, shelter medicine, diagnostics and laboratory medicine, animal rights and welfare, animals as food, handling, and ecological interactions.

Students will explore the many ways animals interact with society, including companion and working animals, domestic as well as wildlife and exotic animals. Concurrently, students will be able to explore the dynamic array of career paths available including private veterinary practice, industry, research, drug development, food production, food safety, military and government, shelter medicine, diagnostic medicine, and public health (zoonotic diseases).

Emphasis will be placed on development of student professionalism and problem-solving skills during case study modules in which students will examine the integrated components of the whole animal (in lieu of segmented learning). Each multi-dimensional case study offers a variety of analyses and techniques for a student to explore, dependent on individual interests. This student-driven approach leads to a unique and individualized learning experience.




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