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clinical experience: certified nurse aide

engage in in-depth, hands-on learning to prepare for the Kansas State CNA examination.

Clinical Experience: Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) course is an immersive experience in multiple aspects of the art and science of healthcare and an opportunity to earn a professional credential. Students engage in hands-on, in-depth classroom and lab learning to prepare for 25 hours of clinical experiences at long-term care communities. Successful completion of CNA coursework and clinicals allows students eligibility to sit for the Kansas State CNA Exam at the end of the semester. Beyond CNA coursework, students will engage in case studies and research projects exploring bioethics, clinical judgment and evidence-based practice. Students will also expand on their focused area of healthcare interest through development of a semester-long project that is real, relevant, and of service to the community.

This course is either a continuation of previous coursework completed in the Medicine & Healthcare Strand or an entry point for students with significant extracurricular exposure to the healthcare industry. Prospective students will complete a brief questionnaire to aid in course placement.

The CNA course has additional enrollment requirements and responsibilities beyond other CAPS courses. These requirements are:
  • Seniors only
  • Dual enrollment at JCCC
  • Maximum of 5 absences during the semester for any reason
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