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CyberPatriot Team Takes 3rd in Platinum Tier

BV CAPS CyberPatriot Team Takes 3rd in Platinum Tier in the State of Kansas

In only the second year of its existence the BV CAPS CyberPatriot team was able to come in 3rd place in the platinum tier in the state of Kansas. This is a major improvement from its inaugural year, jumping from third in the gold tier, all the way to third in the platinum tier. Comprised of CAPS students from multiple strands, this team is formed by Nate Meyer, Josh Rock, Nithin Saripalli and Team Captain Andrew Stene. CyberPatriot is a cybersecurity competition sponsored by the Air Force Academy where teams work to secure 2-3 virtual computer images that contain a myriad of flaws. These flaws can range from users not having passwords on their accounts to updating outdated software to removing unnecessary or malicious software to removing backdoors allowing an attacker to remotely access the image. One of the major sponsors of this competition is Cisco, a networking giant. Because of this competition also includes an extensive networking portion as well. This includes both a networking quiz and a lab in Cisco’s packet tracer software, a program that is used to simulate networks to learn how Cisco equipment works. CyberPatriot not only helps to build technical skills, soft skills are strengthened as well. The team must be able to efficiently work together to pool the collective knowledge base of all of the members to be successful.

“CyberPatriot allowed me to discover my passion of computer networking in a fun and exciting way” – Nithin Saripalli