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Digital Design and Photography News

Students completed over 40 client projects and won some prestigious scholarships and internships along the way. Course highlights included field trip to Barkley Advertising, Digital Agency VMLR&Y hosted by former Digital Design students Megan Bartalac and Lauren Nordell Morris. The class participated in Photoshoots at Cedar Cove Feline Preserve, Kansas City West Bottoms, Grinter Sunflower Farm, KC Cross Roads, Overland Park Arboretum and shot with professional photographer at Kansas City Fashion Week. We welcomed guest speakers Brad Hanna, Vice President of Business Strategy at Barkley Advertising in the first semester, with a visit to their headquarters in Kansas City with a follow up second semester zoom presentation on how agencies and businesses must pivot in the post COVID-19 world. We had so many other plans before our world was turned upside down in March. Students continued with client projects with some very successful students winning scholarships and internships.


On April 22nd  Adriana Cordero found out she landed the prestigious YEPKC 2020 summer virtual internship and scholarship. After attending the class for less than a half a semester. When asked what she got out of her Caps experience she replied, “Caps has been more than just a learning opportunity; it affirmed that the necessary environment for me to achieve fulfillment where creativity and teamwork is encouraged. Every staff member was wholeheartedly invested in my success, as well as my classmates’, who were an invaluable support system. I gained technical skills and relevant knowledge, collaborated creatively with a team, and practiced effective professional communication. Being chosen for the YEPKC program is truly an incredible honor, and I look forward learning more about the entrepreneurial and creative industries in Kansas City. This summer, I plan on expanding my freelance design and art services to do commissions and passion projects. In Fall 2020, I will be attending the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Design to pursue a career in Graphic Design and Marketing. I am confident that the connections I made and what I have learned at Caps will stay with me throughout my entire life.”  To learn more about the YepKC internship program visit 


On May 4th , Summer Glenn was awarded the $1000 CPS Foundation Scholarship for the Business, Technology & Media strand at Caps. Summer is finishing her third semester in the Digital Design and Photography class. When asked about her experience at Caps. She replied, “I joined the Digital Design & Photography class in Spring 2019. The past three semesters have been a blast and have given me many opportunities I would never had without Caps. From client projects to resumes and LinkedIn profiles, internships to scholarships, The Digital Design and Photography class has definitely improved my professional and graphic design skills. Mr. Rodgers is an awesome teacher! He helped me learn what I wanted to learn and provided the resources for me to work at my own pace. He challenged me to explore all kinds of interests so I could find what I was passionate about. I was able to work for Validity Screening Solutions as the marketing development intern over the summer of 2019 then was hired as a junior graphic designer over winter break. I came away from the internship and work experience knowing so much more about marketing and the corporate workplace. I came into the class knowing basically nothing, and now I know enough to start my own freelance business! I will be attending K State on a scholarship majoring in Industrial Design with a minor in Graphic Design.


On May 11th Izzy Melcher was chosen as a top six finalist for the 2020 CapsTalk scholarship for this year’s virtual Caps Innovation Celebration. Students from each strand created a video presentation describing how Caps has influenced their lives. Izzy began her Caps experience in the fall of 2019 with the Digital Design and Photography class pivoting to Global Business for the second semester.  She was able to mix her creative skills with her passion for business. When asked about her Caps experience, she replied, “Walking into Caps I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life, but Caps not only helped me find my place and passion, it has helped me prepare for college. It gave me the opportunity to do things I’d never get chance to do. I learned to use photography studio equipment, going on field trips to Barkley Advertising and to VMLR&Y. Because I was in both Digital Design and Photography and Global Business, I was able to combine both skills. Caps helped me start my own little photography company. Next year I will be attending the University of Kansas to study Strategic Communications, Business with a minor in Economics”.


This year’s Digital Design and Photography class contained a very talented group of students who were an honor to teach.