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Digital Design Update

Digital Design and Photography students have been rockin’ it this semester with over twenty-five active client projects. The client projects range from full branding of a person or organization, to product and portrait photography, logo design, brochures, t-shirts, creative social media assets and online ads. The CAPS Digital Design and Photography class can be considered a small student advertising agency.

Students were able to see first-hand what it is like to work at a large national agency, when over fifty students from Digital Design and Photography and Multimedia Journalism visited Barkley Advertising in Kansas City. Upon arrival, they were greeted by Brad Hannah, Director of Business Strategy. Brad demonstrated their new ad campaign for Winnebago. They are rebranding the flying W RV company to set it apart from the rest of the RV industry. Brad presented the campaign to the students to demonstrate how they are incorporating social media, television spots, digital and print ads, even paint designs for the Winnebago RV’s.

After that informative session for students from both classes, they were broken into two groups. Multimedia Journalism students met withMarianne Gjerstad, Group Engagement Director, and Digital Design students met with Travis Kramer, VP and Managing Design Director. In the creative session, students learned what Barkley looks for potential employee’s portfolios. They explained what will set them apart from the rest of the competition with their resume and how they should conduct themselves in an interview. The resume and portfolio get you into the door but the interview is what gets you hired. He explained to the students that you want to know everything you can about a company before the interview so you can ask educated questions.

Students were shown examples of work from their creatives. There was much information was covered in that one hour session. Students got a first-hand look at how the creative department is run and what they should be doing when working for clients. This is something that can be brought back to the class and put into action with their own client projects.