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Foundations of Medicine and Filmmaking – A classic CAPS collision

We’ve shaken things up in Foundations of Medicine 1 by throwing students directly into a two-week client project to begin the semester. This is a new experience for the FOM1 students – previous projects typically lasted most of the semester and involved more student-driven research and service rather than a client-based task. This two-week sprint has the students working hard to deliver what their client has asked of them. To raise the heat, the project is a competition with multiple student groups working on each project. The client will choose their favorite deliverable as the winner. Since most of the deliverables the clients in our local medical community requested are medicine-related videos (patient education videos, volunteer training videos, promotional videos, etc.) we have the privilege of working directly with the Film students for the duration of the project. The freedom to have this kind of cross-course collaboration is certainly a unique opportunity here at CAPS.

The students have exceeded expectations thus far. It has been impressive watching them collaborate with other students they didn’t know, lead meetings with clients, manage their projects with an online tool (Basecamp), and prepare their final products for our January 27 deadline. One of the best parts about this project is that the students are gaining skills in professionalism and project work at the front end of the semester and are learning by doing. Hopefully this experience helps them in their larger semester projects and gives them a better idea of what it means to be a professional as they move on from high school to college and eventually to their respective careers.

“The FOM/Film client project has been a smooth process. We have two different classes working together to reach one goal.”

-Kyle Collier, Film student

 “I have really enjoyed the mini-CAPStone Project we have been working on these two weeks. It has helped me learn how to get out of my comfort zone and the experience with interacting with a client has taught me a lot about professionalism.”

-Maggie Boeckmann, FOM1 student