Enrollment General Information_January

You complete the enrollment through your home high school. Your course selection will be balanced with your home high school schedule as well as CAPS course availability. Every effort will be made to meet your request.

Students interested in the CAPS program need to:

  • Desire to work in a profession-based, real-world environment with other Blue Valley high school students;
  • Be willing to comply with business ethics (e.g. attendance) and a professional dress code; and
  • Be able to provide their own transportation to CAPS and business partner sites.

Click here to download the Parent & Student Handbook.

If you are requesting one of our Medicine & Healthcare Strand courses we ask that you complete a supplemental enrollment form. This will allow us to place you in the most appropriate course.

If you are not currently enrolled as a Blue Valley student (including all home school or private school students), please fill out the CAPS enrollment form for non-Blue Valley students. We will contact you regarding the next steps for completing your registration. Please note that non-Blue Valley students must pay general student fees to enroll at CAPS. Click here to access a fee schedule.