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grant herrman

Grant Herrman, a 2012 BVN graduate, took Computer Integrated Manufacturing at CAPS during the spring semester of his senior year. He is currently a senior at Iowa Statue University majoring in electrical engineering with a focus on power systems.

When asked if his CAPS experiences helped him understand what he wanted to pursue in college and where he wanted to go, Grant said, “the CAPS program solidified my interest in engineering, and led me towards Iowa State University because of its great engineering program. Because of CAPS, I was also able to intern with Burns and McDonnell during the summer after my high school graduation. This opportunity led toward successive internships and eventually a full time position with Burns and McDonnell. It was also because of these internships that I realized my interest for electrical engineering and power system analysis.” Grant went on to say, “the CAPS program helped prepare me for the more hands-on type of labs that my college classes offered. As a whole, the Blue Valley School District really prepared me well for college classes and I did noticeably better than fellow classmates my freshman year at Iowa State.”

Grant’s biggest take-away from the CAPS program an expansive network of opportunities. he ended by saying, “I really feel that it is a great program for students looking to get connected with job opportunities.”