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jacob synek

Jacob Synek is a 2015 graduate of Blue Valley North High School. He was in the CAPS Foundations of Medicine class during the 2014-2015 school year. Jacob is attending John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. He earned his CNA certification while at CAPS and has spent the last two summers working at Benton House Assisted Living in Prairie Village. Jacob hopes to attend medical school and become a physician after he completes his undergraduate studies. Here are Jacob’s reflections on his time at CAPS:

Did your CAPS experiences help you understand what you wanted to pursue in college and where you wanted to go?

My CAPS class truly helped me to discover my passion for service and medicine because it not only presented me with worthwhile and intriguing information in the classroom, but also provided me with CNA experience. This experience helped put me on the frontline of serving others, while also teaching me valuable lessons in communication and relationship-building.

Did CAPS help prepare you for success in college and beyond?

My CAPS class helped prepare me for success in the workplace because it taught me how to treat others with compassion and empathy in the healthcare world while also instructing me how to perform the necessary tasks required of a CNA. Additionally, it helped me in college because it showed me that the true career field which I wanted to enter was medicine, helping me to avoid any indecision surrounding my selection of a major.

What was your biggest take-away from your CAPS experience?

My biggest takeaway from my CAPS experience was the confidence which it provided me with as I entered professional situations. Both being surrounded by other teens who were passionate about learning and creativity and being supported by a great teaching staff bolstered my self-assurance in academic and job-related challenges.