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Making dreams come true.

Through a partnership between CAPS Engineering and Walkin’ and Rollin’ Costumes, we had the opportunity to create a costume for 4-year-old Anastasia. Anastasia wanted to look like her favorite cartoon character, Connor, from the TV show Catboy. We collaborated with engineering students Sam Wambold and Devin Tjarks and medical strand students to make her dream come true!
Our experiences on the project allowed our team members to grow personally and professionally as we learned to work through obstacles. We could barely contain our excitement when we revealed our creation.  When Anastasia first saw the final Catboy costume, her face glowed with joy. She was so excited to try it on!.Once we put the costume on her wheelchair, she lapped the atrium in her wheelchair many times. The joy on her face gave us a sense of accomplishment and is something we will never forget!