Moonshots live in the gray area between audacious projects and pure science fiction; instead of mere 10% gains, they aim for 10x improvements. The combination of a huge problem, a radical solution, and the breakthrough technology that might just make that solution possible is the essence of a Moonshot.

This spring, CAPS is issuing students a challenge to hack the CAPS program.  The purpose of the CAPS Moonshot Challenge is to identify ideas that significantly enhance the CAPS model, CAPS experience, and/or CAPS facility.

Rules and Recommendations

  • The CAPS Moonshot Challenge is open to any current CAPS students in any course or strand.
  • Cross-course or cross-strand teams are encouraged.
  • Competition will consist of two parts
    • Online application via the Blue Valley CAPS website
      • Initial review by CAPS team
      • Proposals deemed in the realm of possibility advanced to finals
    • Final pitch round
      • Pitches made to a panel consisting of admin team, instructors, CAPS alums, CAPS business partners
      • 5 minute pitch, 8 minutes for questions
  • Funding available for student innovations
    • Funding provided will be contingent on the quality of implementable ideas.
      • Ideas are encouraged up to an expense of $20,000.
    • At minimum, funding will be allocated to implement the winning pitch strategy.
    • Funding is for the implementation of ideas and is not provided as prize money to individuals or teams.
  • Timing
    •  CAPS Moonshot opportunity announced in February 2018.
    • Online applications must be submitted by Friday, March 2, 2018.
    • Finalist will be selected and announced by Friday, March 9, 2018.
    • Pitch event will be held after Spring Break, March 2018.
    • Winning solutions will be announced in April 2018.


  • Examples of past applications:
    • Creation of a CAPS Network platform for students to receive project feedback and work projects together with CAPS students in other parts of the country;
    • Create a process for students to mentor with CAPS alums on large innovative projects (first idea: bone putty for medical procedures);
    • Establish a new internship placement program for CAPS students, with transparency regarding type of work and other requirements;
    • Find opportunities for students to attend national conferences with CAPS students from other parts of the country – and get professional portfolio reviews;
    • Creation of a student incubator for startup ideas with higher stakes and higher speed of activity;
    • Build “CAPS Studio” – a digital recording studio for students to use from across the district;
    • Create a pathway for students to take international service trips, starting with medicine students working side-by-side with doctors; and
    • Start a CAPS Arts Club with a focus on professional opportunities for artists in music, writing and visual arts.