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putting tech knowledge to work

CAPS alumni Andrew Stene capped off his two year experience in Technology Solutions with a summer internship at Mazuma. Andrews was able to work on a wide range of projects in the IT department including putting the finishing touches on the newest Mazuma branch in the Crossroads which opened in July. He worked to set up all of the computers and had the chance to see the network come together. Andrew observed the work that goes into troubleshooting all the small issues that cause everything to fail and he was able to go out to Mazuma branches to watch some issues get resolved. He also got to work with the CISO and help her work on a report for the CEO.

When asked about his biggest take-away, Andrew had this to say, “I would say my biggest takeaway would be seeing first hand how the corporate environment is structured. I have gotten used to the freedom that comes from being the one to manage my time, just like CAPS teaches. Both the soft skills and professionalism that are emphasized at CAPS have been very helpful in navigating the corporate world for the very first time.”

Andrew will be attending Kansas State University and plans to major in computer science.