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Sports Medicine: There’s No Lapse at CAPS!

The students are currently engaged in a fantastic spring semester in our CAPS Sports Medicine course.  The students have experienced a wide array of site visits, guest instructors (Orthopedic surgeons, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, to name only a few), SIM lab activities, Medical Terminology lessons, Athletic Training high school internships, Cerner Health IT documentation, cross-strand & medicine strand CAPS collaborations, and professionalism. In addition to discovering upper extremity conditions, learning to assess concussions, and recording vital signs, the students strive to improve their public speaking skills, research, communication, and development of a CAPStone service project.

Sports Medicine students graciously shared their vast experiences and highlights of this 2017 spring semester. This is just a sample of their journey…

“My experience in CAPS Sports Medicine has improved the way I approach problems and helped me to think outside the box. Sports Medicine has increased my love for science and has furthered my aspiration to work in the medical field.” –McKenzie Weber

“Having the BV high school athletic trainers give students the opportunities of independence significantly increases their confidence and increases their understanding of what it truly feels like to be an athletic trainer.” –Alyssa Graebner

“Treating real patients in a career I am interested in has been one of my favorite things this semester. Learning from mentors & experiencing what my future career could be like has been very rewarding.” –Kylie Young

“Thus far in Sports Medicine, I have learned not just about medicine, but about myself. I have learned how to be a professional and how to act in professional settings. CAPS has definitely opened up new doors and options that I previously never would have considered.” –Sydney Renkemeyer

“Sports Medicine gives me a chance to practice my bedside manner, communication skills, as well as experience aiding as a student athletic trainer at my home high school with my peers.”

–Kylee Xu

“My favorite memory from Sports Medicine is our site visit at the CryoSalon, where we were able to experience how some professional athletes prepare and recover for games.” -Chase Willauer

“Sports Medicine has especially helped me verify the future of my college career and the opportunities in this class are endless.” – KJ Newman