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Tech Solutions Instructor Named Educator of the Year

CAPS Technology Solutions instructor Jill Riffer was named Educator of the Year by the KC Tech Council. The award goes to a dedicated computer science or tech-oriented educator that inspires, motivates and expertly trains the future tech workforce. The award recognizes an educator who leverages technology to positively influence and advance student learning, connects the tech community to the classroom, and is a continuous observer and student of the tech industry themselves. Jill exemplifies all of those characteristics and then some.

Believing that authentic learning happens when students are deeply connected to the tech community, Jill has cultivated relationships with leaders across the metro so that her students benefit from best practices in software development, networking and cybersecurity. Business partners provide projects, act as mentors, host site visits and are guest speakers in the classroom. Jill’s passion for technology learning includes raising awareness of career possibilities and increasing female enrollment in essential courses.  Jill is a continuous observer and student of the tech industry, bringing outside learning into the classroom to provide students with broad experiences in all aspects of technology. Because of her expertise and commitment, Jill’s students learn that technology can solve the biggest problems confronting mankind.