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CAPS honored by KRPA

CAPS received The Distinguished Public Service Organization award at the recent Kansas Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference. 

Under the guidance of Tech Solutions instructor Jill Riffer, CAPS students Garrett Wahlstedt, Chandler Gianni, Easton Anderlik, and Royal Wang developed a Field Finder mobile app to aid visitors of the Blue Valley Recreation Sports Complex.

With numerous tournaments attracting hundreds out-of-town teams, the app will allow the user to locate specific fields along with the closest parking and entrances to each field and lot. Those unfamiliar with the 24-field complex will be able to find the nearest restrooms to their field (a must when attending sporting events with kids), the nearest concession stand, and locations of playgrounds as well.

In addition to creating all the code from scratch, the students took photos for the app, conceived the graphics, and integrated directions with Google Maps to work on both Android and Apple devices.

The app is in the BETA phase on the Google Play Store and the App store. Once the app completes the phase, it will be available for download free of charge. The Field Finder app will be vital for outside tournaments and those governing organizations are anxious to communicate the benefits to teams and parents. 

Field Finder will be crucial in managing traffic flow on busy tournament days. Many visitors don’t realize there is more than one entrance into the parking lots and traffic often gets congested. Thousands of fans unfamiliar with the facility will be able to quickly find the location of their designated field and enter/exit the correct parking lot accordingly.