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Chloe Ortbals

Chloe Ortbals was a 2015 graduate of Blue Valley High School. She attended CAPS during the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years. Her CAPS experience included both Bioscience and Foundations of Medicine. Chloe is currently a student at the University of Kansas and was recently accepted into the highly competitive KU School of Pharmacy.

The CAPS journey of discovery.

Chloe came into CAPS interested in scientific research. She enrolled in Molecular Medicine and Bioengineering and received an internship at KU Medical Center in a cancer research lab under Dr. Shrikant Anant. Chloe worked there for six months and learned a lot of biology and chemistry as well as new experimental techniques. While she enjoyed the internship, she discovered that she did not want to pursue research as a career path. She then looked into the medical field and landed upon pharmacy. Chloe realized that the skills of a pharmacist lined up with her own strengths. She liked the career opportunities and future of the field. Based on that new interest, Chloe obtained a second internship at St. Joseph Medical Center as a pharmacy technician. It was through this job that she solidified her desire to entire pharmacy school.

When asked if CAPS helped prepare her for success in college, Chloe had this to say, “Overall, I really grew as a person during my time in CAPS. I learned to get out of my comfort zone, which is always worth it. I learned many professional skills and how to act and think in a professional work place. I learned how to think through difficult situations and how to handle them with poise and confidence. Above all I learned to never give up because college is hard!”

“My biggest take away from CAPS was to push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone.” Chloe concluded, “Big things will come from it even if it is hard to take the leap in the first place!”