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digital design & photography

work directly with industry experts in digital photography, graphic design, web design and 3D animation to shape your skills and level of expertise.

Digital Design and Photography offers Blue Valley Caps students an opportunity to explore the creative world of graphic design, digital photography, 3D Modeling and Animation. The students provide creative services and deliverables to business clients. Services include: digital photography (portraits, product shots, exteriors and interiors), graphic design (logos, illustrations, brochures, business cards animations and branding). Students collaborate with mentors and business partners delivering real products while building their portfolios. They also have the opportunity to produce personal creative projects to enhance their skills and build their portfolios. Students will create a professional resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and website containing their digital portfolio. Students are provided with iMacs and Macbook Pro computers, Adobe CC Creative Suite, Autodesk 3D software, Canon 6D full frame DSLR cameras and professional lighting equipment.

Click here to view a class video.

Students will receive weighted credit for the second semester if enrolled for the full-year.

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