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teacher education

be prepared to become a transformational teacher by learning what works in the classroom, interacting with students and creating tools for student success.

Teacher Ed Foundations

This introductory course will immerse students in up-to-date educational technology and will incorporate cutting-edge skills into every aspect of observation and course work. students will study educational pedagogy as the basis for the profession and will experience the true essence of the teacher-classroom experience.

Teacher Ed Internship

This course is similar to a pre-lab or student teaching experience that allows students to focus on at least one subject area or grade level for in-depth study and project-based learning. Students will take what they learned in the introductory course and apply it in a real-life, hands-on relationship among teaching peers, students and administration.

Education Innovation

This course allows students to explore education technology through the latest research and provides them the opportunity to work with teachers and students to leverage the power of technology in education. Students will be exposed to developments in gaming, digital storytelling and authoring tools and collaborative virtual experiences and have the chance to try them out in classroom settings.

Educational Technology and Gaming

This course will explore educational technology through the latest research and will provide opportunities for students to work with teachers and students to substantiate the power of technology, specifically gaming, in education.Developments in gaming, digital story-telling and authoring tools, and collaborative virtual experiences are creating powerful new opportunities in the area of education.These games have positive social and cognitive value when used in an educational setting.

Education Innovation and Educational Gaming and Technology  go beyond the coursework structure started in Teacher Ed Foundations and  Internship and will continue to incorporate students into the practice of teaching while incorporating cutting-edge skills.Students will collaborate with teacher education and technology professionals at the University of Kansas and Emporia State University. In addition, the program will partner with such organizations as the Jones Institute for educational excellence, the Kaufman Foundation, Advanced Learning Technologies in Education Consortia, and Greenbush Education Service Centers.

This course will receive weighted credit and fulfills the Blue Valley computer technology graduation requirement.

Students can also earn college credit for all classes through Baker University.

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