Enrollment – Medicine & Healthcare Strand Student

Thank you for your interest in one of the CAPS Medicine & Healthcare Strand courses. This enrollment information is for the 2018-19 school year. Click here for more information about the individual courses.

In order to enroll in a CAPS Medicine & Healthcare course, you will need to complete a supplemental enrollment form found on this page. The information that you provide will help us to place you in the most appropriate course. Enrollment is not on a first come, first served basis. All applications received during the enrollment window will receive equal consideration.

Enrollment - Medicine Strand

Enrollment form for Medicine Strand students to assist with placement.
  • Please indicate your home high school. If you are not currently enrolled in a BV high school, select "other".
  • If you plan to take A&P while taking a Medicine Strand course please select "currently enrolled". If you are taking A&P during spring semester 2018, please select "yes".
  • Being a student at CAPS requires additional personal responsibility, development of professional skills and significant student initiative. Take this opportunity to help us understand your background.
  • What experience do you have with medicine and the healthcare profession? (Include volunteer, shadowing or work experiences in or outside of CAPS)
  • Is there other information that you would like to share?