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Linnea Rimmer

Linnea Rimmer is a 2017 of Blue Valley High School. She spent her time at CAPS in the Veterinary Medicine strand. This summer Linnea is working on an internship at Kansas State Olathe. She will be assisting Dr. Gragg and Joshua Maher on a few research projects. Dr. Gragg is currently working on Salmonella in Cattle Lymph Nodes research. Linnea will be helping by filling slides with the cattle lymph node samples and preparing the lab work for Dr. Gragg. Mr. Maher has asked Linnea to work with him on his antibody resistance research project. Linnea is very excited to be working with the team and cannot wait to learn all about the research projects. She is very appreciative and ecstatic to receive such an amazing opportunity as a high school graduate.

Linnea will be attending Kansas State University. She will be majoring in animal science and plans to become a veterinarian.