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Not Your Typical Summer!

One of the hallmarks of the CAPS experience is the ability to connect with area businesses for authentic experiences. Nothing could be more authentic than a summer internship and that is exactly what Technology Solutions student, Antonio Linhart had at CBOE/BATS.

Antonio will graduate from BVNW in May of 2018. He distinguished himself in the Tech Solutions course as a junior and was selected for the highly sought after summer position at BATS. Each Monday Antonio would be faced with something he’s never done before… a technology to learn or problem to solve…  it looked bleak and daunting…  and by Thursday morning he would have found and implemented a solution.  This is the second summer that CAPS has had a summer intern at CBOE/BATS. Antonio’s mentor Jared Fordham summed up the experience, “This is a win-win program; real world experience for kids, and incremental projects moving forward for the department.”

Bats operates four stock exchanges in the U.S. – BZX Exchange, BYX Exchange, EDGA Exchange, and EDGX Exchange. On February, 28, 2017, Bats was acquired by CBOE Holdings, Inc.