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From student to client/mentor

DDP alums Jenna Felsen and Megan Bartolac, asked current students to design a logo for the caps network alumni group and speaker series. Each student designed two logos based upon a creative brief. The first logo was for the CAPS Network Alumni and the second was for Cultivate, the fireside speaker series. The alumni provided feedback. Students resubmitted their designs and Megan gave feedback. The designs then were reviewed by the alumni committee. The committee chose to use a combo of logos created by Cole Miller and Mitch Goldstein. Megan and Jenna both gave them feedback on how to combine the two logos. The logos were completed along with a save the date card for the first event which is scheduled for December 4th.

Jenna Felsen provided some history behind the creation of the CAPS Network Alumni group: In August, I had the opportunity to connect with Mr. Mohn about post-grad life and the alumni network. I took Digital Design and Photography for two years while I was at CAPS. During our discussion, I had an idea to create an alumni-led committee to help grow and leverage our network. While we plan to build out the alumni communication and events strategy in 202. Our first initiative was to invite mentor-minded, early-career alumni to speak to students about how CAPS impacted their professional journeys. Formatted as a fireside chat series, we are excited to engage alumni and provide an opportunity for students to learn virtually. During the planning of the event, we wanted to further include students by asking the Digital Design & Photography class to help us brand the event. One of our committee members, Megan Bartolac, is a graduate from the DDP class and an Account Manager at VMLY&R. With her advertising experience, she was able to provide a creative brief – simulating a ‘real-world’ project request for students. The students have been an immense help – providing us with high-quality logos, digital flyers, and more. We are excited to partner with Caps Digital Design and Photography and can’t wait to work closely with them for future alumni events!

Interested in mentoring current CAPS students? The Alumni Board is excited to share it is easier now than ever to pay it forward. Share your post-secondary and early career experiences with current students by filling out an interest form. The interest indicator will allow us to connect you to students and classes. Click here.